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What is PLT Multi-Level Referral Program

Refer a friend and create a passive income from your network. Friends that you refer join as network Level 1 referrals, friends of your friends join your network on Level 2, etc.. Our Multi-Level Referral Program supports three levels.

How it works

  1. 1.
    Share a link with your friend. Invite your friends to play the lottery with your referral link.
  2. 2.
    Get rewards. Get up to 5% from your Level 1 Friend's purchases.
  3. 3.
    Increase profit. Get additional passive income from your referral network - 5% from your Level 1, 3% from Level 2, and up to 2% from Level 3.
For example, you referred 10 friends (Level 1) and each one of them referred 5 more (Level 2) which referred another 5 friends each (Level 3). In total, you have 300 + friends in your referral network. If each one in your network plays 5 tickets per week - you will get about $800 passive income every month. Just for referring 10 friends!
To become a member of the PLT Multi-Level Referral Program and confirm your invitation link, you need to make a purchase and buy a PLT lottery ticket. You can become a member only with one invitation link.
You can check the referral network activity on the page. Whenever a friend who becomes a member of the referral program using your invite link makes their first purchase, will be displayed among verified users (Level 1).
Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the process.